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CYMI: Protecting Miners’ Pensions

In January, we introduced the “Miners Pension Protection Act,” a bill that would transfer funds to shore up the threatened 1974 United Mineworkers of America (UMWA) pension plan. It’s critical we work to support retired miners who have worked so hard to provide necessary resources to West Virginians and Americans everywhere.

Norcross, McKinley Host First Bipartisan Building Trade Caucus Meeting of 116th Congress

Norcross, an electrician by trade, and McKinley, an engineer who spent his career in the construction industry, launched the Building Trade Caucus in 2016. The effort brings together Members of Congress from both sides of aisle to discuss issues that affect the millions of men and women who work in the construction industry. Topics of discussion at the kickoff included infrastructure, apprenticeships, retirement security, and prevailing wage.

Meeting with West Virginia’s Heroes

We were proud to welcome members of the West Virginia VFW this week as we discussed pressing issues facing this nation’s veterans. These men and women have sacrificed so much defending the liberties we hold dear, it is about time Washington sufficiently recognized our nation’s heroes.

Standing Against Big Government, For Free Speech

The House this week voted on H.R. 1, the so-called “For The People Act”. This bill would allow your tax dollars to bankroll campaigns, providing a 6:1 government match for “small” campaign contributions. This would put taxpayers on the hook for attack ads, robocalls, and targeted ads on social media for candidates. Perhaps, Democrats should have named this bill the “For the Politicians Act”.

Promoting Cancer Screening

Currently, when a Medicare beneficiary gets a colonoscopy, it will be paid for, as long as nothing is found. Yet, if a polyp is found and removed, they are faced with the possibility of having to pay hundreds of dollars out of pocket. The “Removing Barriers to Colorectal Cancer Screening Act” which McKinley sponsored along with Reps. McEachin (VA-4), Davis (IL-13), and Payne (NJ-10) stops seniors from being hit with a surprise bill during a routine screening colonoscopy.

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