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Since my last newsletter, a lot has happened, and I’m excited to give you the rundown. Last week, I took a congressional delegation trip overseas where I had the opportunity to meet with U.S. troops, military officials, and diplomatic leaders to discuss a wide range of military issues. I also had the chance to meet and personally thank West Virginians serving overseas.

Helping Individuals Impacted by Childhood Cancer

Tuesday was an important day for all those affected by childhood cancer because President Trump officially signed the Childhood Cancer STAR Act into law. I was glad to stand alongside the president, childhood cancer survivors, and others in the Oval Office for this exciting event. Not only will this legislation help the thousands of children affected by cancer, but it will also improve future outcomes and survival rates, providing a new sense of hope and optimism for the future.

Securing Resources for Canaan Valley

Since entering the Senate in 2015, I have worked hard to secure funding for a new Canaan Valley National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center. After writing several letters to and conducting numerous meetings and calls with officials at the Department of the Interior and the Fish and Wildlife Service, as well as pushing for this project during a recent hearing with Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, I was thrilled to announce that the department will provide $7 million in funding for this project. With these new resources, Canaan Valley will now be able to have a facility that not only is safe but will help the refuge grow.

Securing Resources for West Virginia Priorities

Making sure our West Virginia communities, businesses, and programs have the resources they need to succeed is important. As a leader on the Senate Appropriations Committee, I’ve worked hard to advocate for West Virginia priorities when it comes to federal funding. This week, I was proud to announce several grants that will help communities and programs across the state. Learn more about each one below:

  24,763,266 for health clinics in 12 West Virginia counties.

  17,767,672 for several community health centers across West Virginia.

  13,974,736 for improvements at airports in four counties across the state.

  9,657,911 for Head Start services in Charleston and Kanawha County.

  1,786,069 for the Black Lung Coal Miner Clinics Program.

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Shelley Moore Capito
United States Senator

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