Five Best ‘Berns’ Of The GOP Presidential Field

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Bernie Sanders doesn’t do negative campaigning. In his decades of public service, he has never run an attack ad.

He does, however, believe in challenging the views of his opponents. Throughout the course of the campaign, he has distinguished his own worldview from that of Republican presidential hopefuls. Here are some of his best “berns” of GOP frontrunner Donald Trump and other GOP candidates.



1. Condemning Trump’s Bigotry

Trump has made bigoted statements on numerous occasions to bolster his presidential run, and by August, Sanders had had enough.

“I think Donald Trump’s views on immigration and his slurring of the Latino community is not something that should be going on in the year 2015,” he said. “And it’s to me an embarrassment for our country.”


2. Defending America’s Religious Pluralism from Ben Carson

When Dr. Ben Carson said a Muslim should not be president, Sanders condemned him.

“This is the year 2015. For a long, long time in the history of America, there were people who would say, ‘You know, we don’t want a Catholic to be president of the United States.’ And then John F. Kennedy became president in 1960,” Sanders said. “And then people said, ‘Oh, we don’t want a black guy, [an] African American, to be president of the United States,’ and then finally Barack Obama became president of the United States. Look, you judge candidates for president not on their religion, not on the color of their skin, but on their ideas on what they stand for. That’s what democracy is supposed to be about. So I was very disappointed in Dr. Carson’s statement, and I disagree with him.”


3. Calling Out Jeb Bush’s Insults Toward African Americans

Jeb Bush said that he didn’t want to offer “free stuff” to African American voters. Sanders hit back on Twitter that this was “pathetic. @JebBush wants more tax breaks for his billionaire friends while cutting help for working people.”


4. Summarizing GOP Hate

Shortly after Bush’s comments, Sanders summarized how his opponents seem to be avoiding the issues and just engaging in divisive hate by tweeting: “Can’t @JebBush and the GOP run a campaign without attacking African Americans, Latinos, Muslims or other people?”


5. Going to Town on the GOP Debates

During the two GOP debates that have taken place so far, Bernie Sanders decided to live-tweet his own reactions to their remarks. Many of his responses had to do with how disconnected the debates were from the concerns of ordinary Americans: “Waiting, waiting, waiting. Will we hear anything about racial justice, income inequality or making college affordable?” Others had to do with poking fun at  frontrunner Donald Trump’s lack of humility: “Trump. What a pleasant and humble person. Can’t stop saying kind and generous things about his fellow Republicans.” And there was also his derision of their foreign policy views: “War, war, war. When do we get to their other major priority: tax breaks for billionaires?” His final tweet of the second debate, sent half an hour before it ended, had a bite: “Thank you all. I’ve had it. I’m going home. Talk to you soon.”

Sanders is known for running positive campaigns. But as his performance so far has shown, that doesn’t mean he isn’t willing to show Americans what’s wrong with the worldview and actions of his opponents, and he has delivered some of the election season’s most memorable Berns.

Obama Needs to Stop Talking Trash

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In an article in Politico on October 2 titled, “Obama’s Trash Talk,“ Edward-Isaac Dovere writes regarding President Obama’s statements at that day’s press conference:

“Putin, meanwhile, is just a liar,“ Obama said, “a silly, weakened, ridiculous liar, as anyone could see.“ Obama smacked away statements the Russian president made in public and in private in their Monday sitdown. He even did a double shot of mine’s-bigger-than-yours, tearing into the size and growth of the Russian economy and noting with pleasure that though Putin seemed confident in his America-bashing, Assad-supporting address to the General Assembly in New York, “I didn’t see after that speech at the United Nations suddenly that 60-nation coalition we have lining up behind him.”

Trash Talking is fine when your name is Muhammad Ali and you have not only the ability, but also the willingness to use your fists to win the day. If your name is Barack Obama and you are President of the United States, you may have the ability in the form of the world’s finest military, but the willingness and intellect to back up your trash talk with effective actions just isn’t your forte.

Trash talking without substance to back it up appears to be a common theme with President Obama. We all can recall his comment to Governor Mitt Romney during the presidential debates, when Romney opined that Russia might be the biggest threat to the United States and world stability. Obama snarked back, “The 1980s called and they want their foreign policy back.“ Recent events have proven Governor Romney right and President Obama’s trash talk to be ill informed and out of place. Russia, led by President Vladimir Putin, is indeed a threat and growing more so each day.

More recently, when queried about the potential of ISIS to cause major disruption in Southwest Asia, President Obama referred to them as a “JV Team.“ That “JV Team” appears to have gotten the full attention of two major powers and a host of not-so-major ones. Again, the president’s trash talk is not in line with the facts on the ground or his own actual performance.

During the same news conference where he badmouthed Putin, President Obama warned Russia that it was being sucked into a quagmire like the U.S. in Iraq and Afghanistan—or perhaps he meant the Soviet Union’s involvement in the that tribal nation.

It would be interesting, indeed, if President Obama was comparing the current Russian effort in Syria to the Soviet Union’s 10-year debacle in Afghanistan that resulted not only a huge cost in blood and treasure, but an ignominious defeat that was a major factor in the dissolution of the USSR. Such a comparison is only useful in so far as it can be contrasted with the current situation in Syria and the evidence there that the Russians have learned some things from their misadventure in Afghanistan.

The most critical lesson the Russians appear to have learned is that when it comes to actual ground operations, use someone else’s troops where possible. In this case, Russia is using Syrian regular forces along with Iranian Quds (Special Operations) forces. Retired General Jack Keene, former commander of all NATO Forces, described the current ground situation, and what is likely to happen next, in an interview on October 4th on FOX News. He explained how Syrian forces, augmented by the Iranians and supported from the air, were about to achieve a breakout against the “moderate” rebel forces supported by the U.S. and currently arrayed against the northern line of forces still loyal to Assad.

Meanwhile, at that October 2nd, press conference, President Obama touted a 60 nation coalition… a coalition that has flown very few airstrikes and achieved little if any results, especially when compared to what Putin’s Air Force is doing after arriving but a short time ago.

Dovere writes further:

“Mr. Putin had to go into Syria not out of strength, but out of weakness,” Obama said, to protect Assad, “his client.”

This is a predictable routine from a flailing leader whose “actions have been successful only insofar as its boosted his poll ratings inside of Russia’‘—which is a lot “easier to do when you’ve got a state controlled media.“

Like most community organizers, President Obama is focused on the polls. President Putin is focused on results. The short, by no means inclusive list of the results he has obtained thus far are: prevented the U.S. from installing defensive missiles in Poland, humiliated Georgia, annexed the Crimea; invaded Eastern Ukraine, and finally, replaced the United States as the global power to turn to in Southwest Asia. Those plusses on Putin’s ledger of geopolitical achievement come at the expense of minuses on Obama’s books. When blood enemies such as Bashar Assad and Benjamin Netanyahu both turn to Putin for help, that puts him solidly in the driver’s seat. President Obama needs to stop talking trash and start driving.

~~  Mike Ford ~~

It’s Game Of Thrones Down There

Trump and A Supporter from Colombia (C-SPAN)

Political News

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WV Gubernatorial candidates Cole, Justice discuss budget cuts and state economy

PARKERSBURG, WV — Two announced candidates for governor spent time in Parkersburg Thursday meeting with officials and supporters.

State Senate President Bill Cole (R-Mercer) and Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Greenbrier Resort owner Jim Justice, promoted jobs, education and the economy at separate events.

Cole spoke about the four percent cuts issued by Governor Earl Ray Tomblin this week for most government agencies.

“The cuts are brutal. And that’s not good news for anybody. We find ourselves one quarter into the fiscal year and they’re projecting a $250 million shortfall in the revenue,” Cole said.

The struggles of the coal industry are a big reason for the cuts. Justice thought West Virginia needs to find some other alternatives.

“We’ve got to think of a lot more things than just coal today in West Virginia,” Justice said. “Naturally we want to get our coal miners back to work. But we’ve got to expand way beyond coal in everything, and we’ve got to really crank it up.”

Cole said changes are needed in state government, and pointed out that expanding businesses already in the state is as important as bringing them in.

“To me that’s as much a part of ecnomic development as inviting new business in,” Cole said. “We’ve been bad stewards of our state government for a long time, and we did it on the backs of coal. As long as the coffers were full in Charleston, the alarm bell wasn’t ringing so we continue to be bad acts.”

Justice said that sometimes, the only holding back the Mountain State’s growth is the reluctance to change and discover new opportunity.

“I’m not a politician but I can tell you this: we have so many opportunities in our state, but we just won’t exploit them,” Justice said. “I mean, really and truly, w

Tomblin appoints new commissioner to state PSC

CHARLESTON, WV — A new member filled the final vacancy left in the state Public Service Commission Friday.

Governor Earl Ray Tomblin appointed Kara Cunningham Williams to the job that took effect immediately.

Williams will fill the role of Commissioner Jon McKinney who previously resigned.

“Kara’s professional background and community involvement in both the Lewisburg and Charleston communities make her experienced and knowledgeable on a variety of issues that come before our state’s PSC. She will be a great asset to the Commission moving forward,” Tomblin said in a news release.

Since 2006, Williams has been a volunteer at the YWCA of Charleston, where she used to serve as the President of the Board of Directors. Currently, she is on the Board of Directors for Carnegie Hall in Lewisburg.

Williams has taught at the West Virginia University College of Law and worked at Steptoe & Johnson PLLC where she was on the Recruiting and Ethics Committees. She began her career in a commercial litigation practice at Hunton & Williams in Washington, D.C. before returning to West Virginia in 1999. Williams is a graduate of Washington & Lee University and Harvard Law School.

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve on the Public Service Commission, and I appreciate Governor Tomblin’s confidence in me to serve the people of West Virginia,” she said in a news release.

Williams’ term lasts through June 30, 2017.

Here’s Why McCarthy Says He Bailed

There might be somebody out there who can unite all 247 House Republicans, but Kevin McCarthy says it definitely isn’t him. The House majority leader tells Politico that his shock decision not to seek the nomination for speaker came after friends said to him: “Why do you want to do it during this time? This time will be the worst time. They’re going to eat you and chew you up.“ He says that while he could have won the speakership with around 220 votes, he “was never going to be able to get 247,“ which would have left him unable to pass crucial measures like the debt ceiling increase. A big factor was the decision of the House Freedom Caucus to back Rep. Daniel Webster for the job, which could have left McCarthy without enough votes, reports the Washington Post.

There could be murkier factors involved: On Wednesday, Rep. Walter Jones called for candidates who’ve committed “misdeeds” to withdraw from the race, and rumors are circulating that he was referring to an alleged affair between McCarthy and fellow GOP Rep. Renee Ellmers, Gawker reports. Her Wikipedia page was edited on Thursday to say she has allegedly been having an affair since 2011. The edit, which came from a Department of Homeland Security IP address, was quickly reversed to remove the claim, Mediaite reports. Jones says he doesn’t have any proof of misconduct involving McCarthy or any other candidates, the Post reports.

GOP Won’t Take Ryan’s ‘No’ for an Answer

Senior Republicans are trying to draft Paul Ryan for the job that John Boehner and Kevin McCarthy don’t want. Ryan has repeatedly said that he doesn’t want to be House speaker, either—he announced, “I will not be a candidate” within minutes of McCarthy’s bombshell announcement yesterday, reports the Washington Post—but he’s coming under a lot of pressure from fellow Republicans who see him as the only man left for the job, Politico reports. The House Ways and Means Committee chairman may be starting to crack: Toward the end of Thursday, he went from total denial to telling reporters that he had no comment, reports the Post, which notes that the one-on-one pleas included two calls from Boehner.

Another call came from Rep. Trey Gowdy of South Carolina. “I have spent more time trying to talk him into running than I did my wife into marrying me,“ Gowdy tells the New York Times. “Twenty-six years later, she’s still with me. I am just asking Paul for 14 months.“ But Ryan, who was Mitt Romney’s running mate in 2012, has a long-term plan that does not involve moving up in the House, insiders tell the Post, and taking the speaker job now could end up killing off those ambitions. According to the Post, the last person to retire from the role in “good standing” was Tip O’Neill in 1986. (McCarthy says he bailed because he couldn’t get the full support of the House and was warned that they “will eat you and chew you up.“)

“He’s A Master Brander And He’s The Most Interesting Character Out There.“

Bill Clinton and Stephen Colbert Attempt to Explain Trump’s Popularity

Bill Clinton appeared on Colbert’s Late Show last night to offer insight into Trump’s popularity. Colbert, who recently interviewed Trump and didn’t get much out of him, was curious if Clinton could explain Trump’s surging poll numbers in the face of his high negatives.

“He says something that overrides the ideological debate,“ Clinton said. “A lot of [the GOP candidates] were competing to see who could be the most politically correct on the answers,“ but Trump, Clinton explained, appealed to something different. Trump insisted he could “get stuff done” and if people got in the way he would “just get them out of the way.“

“It may have a short half-life,“ the former President said. “But he’s a master brander and there’s a macho appeal to saying ‘I’m just sick of nothing happening, I make things happen—vote for me.“

Clinton also admitted and he and Trump used to be friends. A few weeks ago, Clinton relayed a story of how Trump used to praise his wife and had nothing but nice things to say about his legacy. How quickly things change.

Watch the clip below:


‘Duck Dynasty’‘s Jase Robertson Once Got Kicked out of a Trump Hotel| People Now

Another member of the Duck Dynasty family said he’s friendly to Donald Trump’s candidacy (sorry, Bobby Jindal):

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