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The book, “Walking Through the Bible with H.M.S. Richards” was first published in 1948 and yet the reading for September 7 has a statement that I believe would perfectly match our world of 2017.  “This age of great intellectual and scientific light is a dark night spiritually for the world.  The revelry goes on about us today amidst our economic anxieties.  Our amusement life is largely non-Christian—- in fact, anti-Christian.  We may put ‘In God we trust’ on our money, but do we trust Him?”

There were not the scientific light then that we have now, and still we could more easily describe our “amusement life” in the same words that he used.  The movie “Gone with the Wind” was released in 1940 and for the first time the word “damn” was used by Clark Gable.  It has been downhill ever since.  One time there were always twin beds for the parents.  It has gone the same direction as the language, maybe faster.  It is difficult for my kids to find a movie that I will watch with them.  Even those rated PG 13 or 14 are too raw.  I watch Hallmark movies or series sometimes, but I don’t like it that at every gathering in the movies, or at almost every scene early within the movie, they have to make an excuse for wine or stronger.  At least one good thing about it is that I have noticed they keep the alcohol or wine away from the expectant mother.  How can our children grow up with morals if all they see and hear are vulgar or cursing or dirty words and movies that show adultery, and pre-marital sex.  And I have not even touched on the violence that is shown!  Horrible violence.  People say about all this, “It’s just life.” 

Which brings me to the reasons that the seminars we are having at the Adventist Church are is so timely and interesting.  The lessons are deep and to the point.  We are learning all the “signs” of Jesus’ soon return and that it is going to happen soon.  One thing is sure, he never runs overtime.  We end at 8:00.  There is always special music from different people.  Mary Ellen Davidson and Halley Hurst brought to us a beautiful duet called, “Open My Eyes That I May See.”  Bonnie Cutright and Darlene Parker are leaders of the’’’’ the children who attend

Adventist Pastor Finds Suspected Burglar Sleeping in His Bed

Neighbors think the Holy Spirit may have helped with the arrest.

A Seventh-day Adventist pastor in Ghana returned home after a busy Sabbath day to find a suspected burglar sound asleep in his bed.

Asare Nyarko, a pastor in Asamankese, a city of 40,000 people in southern Ghana, arrived home with his family around midnight last Saturday to find signs that someone had broken in, Ghana’s Graphic Online newspaper reported.

Nyarko rushed to the police station to file a report, but the officers did not immediately accompany him to his house. So he returned home with several elders from his church and found a man sleeping in his bedroom.

“The man was fast asleep on my bed, to the extent that not even the noise we made could wake him up,” Nyarko told the Graphic Online.

The man, identified as Richard Yeboah, 27, had apparently broken into the room through the ceiling and had fallen asleep before he could steal anything.

It was unclear why the man fell asleep on the pastor’s bed. Neighbors think that the Holy Spirit might have played a role.

“Neighbors believe the suspect was arrested by the Holy Spirit,” the Graphic Online reported. . . 


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