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I am surprised that I didn’t get a call from someone at Weston Mayor’s Office asking me about my comment in last week’s Pat’s Chat about their new recycle bins!  I was writing at about 3:00 a.m. on Sunday night and falling asleep often as I typed the Chat.  I meant instead to write that BURNSVILLE has new recycle bins.  I don’t know if or where Weston has recycle bins, but I was asked to mention about BURNSVILLE’s new recycle bins.  You may have to call BURNSVILLE’s mayor’s office to find out where their new bins are.  Their phone number is 304.853.2605.

Again, it is too late to write a good Chat so I just want to share an Easter Story that was in March 16, 2016 Record Delta, the Buckhannon, WV paper.  It was written as a letter to the editor.  I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.


“Dear Editor:

“With Easter coming up soon, I would like to share this story with your readers.  My husband was in the United States Air Force and also a Southern Baptist minister, and we served all over the world.  This story took place in the Calvary Baptist Church in Teipei, Taiwan, a missionary English-speaking church.

“The church was full, the organ music began and the choir marched in singing beautifully.  One of the lady choir members’ high heels had caught in the floor grate.  Unable to pull it out, she just slipped her foot out of her shoe and kept on walking.  The gentleman following her saw what happened and reached down to rescue the shoe, and shoe and grate both came up.  Folding his choir robe over the shoe and grate, he kept on marching and the next choir member fell into the grate hole.

“All this happened with no noticeable knowledge of it and the choir didn’t miss a note.

“Services continued and the preacher was at the part of his sermon where Jesus was ‘to be risen from the grave.’  The man in the grate hole called out, ‘I’m coming out now.’

“A little girl on the front pew, scooted off her seat, ran to the hole in the floor and called out, “We’re ready, Jesus.  Come on out.’


“I will add, it was a very spiritual meeting.

Love in Christ, Janet Cosgrove”

To that, all I can add is that I hope you had a spiritual celebration at your church and that God will bless you and yours.  He is coming soon again.


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