Jeanette Riffle: Kids and Dogs Love Snow

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My husband was out in the garage and he heard teeth cracking. He looked out the door and there was our dog jumping up in the air trying to catch snow in his mouth. It started snowing a fine mist while we were in church this morning. At first it didn’t lay on because the ground was warm, but by afternoon it started getting colder and snow covered everything.  Duane shoveled the ramp off and that dog went underneath to catch big mouthfuls as it fell to the ground. Next, he came up on the back porch and was digging snow off the glass top table, eating it, and jumping up in the air to catch snow as it came down. He whined and acted like he was getting frustrated because he couldn’t get a big mouthful that way. He loves snow. You’d think it was snow ice cream, the way he acts. According to the latest weather report, we are under a snow storm warning until 4:00 am Monday, with the heaviest coming in this afternoon.

The Free Press WV

Total accumulation is supposed to be three to seven inches with the highest amount in the mountains. We just heard a salt truck go by. Thank God for State Rd. workers out there day and night when they are needed.  Hopefully, this will be our last snow of the winter. We really haven’t had a lot, but it sure has rained a lot.

I have been enjoying seed catalogs that are starting to come in. I am seeing vegetables and fruits that I never heard of. One, being blue potatoes. I would not want blue mashed potatoes. There are so many different colors of ripe tomatoes nowadays that you can just about name your favorite color and order those seeds. I saw purple tomatoes.  Until next time, stay safe and warm.

God bless and keep you in his care.

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