Jeanette Riffle: What Happened to Rhubarb?

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We haven’t been able to find rhubarb in the grocery stores now for a couple years. Not even the rhubarb strawberry pies. Is there no demand for it anymore? I was reading an article in the Charleston Gazette this morning and it inspired me to write about this. We have tried to grow rhubarb and failed twice. Something went underground and ate on the roots the first time and we move it to another location to no avail. The same thing there. Something ate it up. I like to make a custard pie out of it and I found a recipe on the net that sounds good for a cake. I was reading that rhubarb originated in China. The root was used for medicinal purposes. Also, there is a giant Irish rhubarb that grows five feet tall and has stalks as big as a man’s arms. That would be enough to fill a deep freezer.  Mom grew rhubarb and asparagus at one end of our yard next to the garden. She made rhubarb cobblers. When we had cobbler, that was supper. I remember berry cobblers, too. A big pan of cobbler, a pitcher of cow’s cream and a bowl of sugar on the table and we made a meal of it. The asparagus fern was used as greenery along with roses or peonies in a quart jar of water to decorate graves.  We didn’t cook the asparagus. My husband remembers his Aunt Susie Perrine cooking and creaming some asparagus one time and he didn’t like it. Our son just loves it steamed.

Our garden is growing good with all the rain and the hot temps in between. The electric fence is keeping critters out so far.  There are three levels. The top and middle ones are for deer and the low running one is for smaller critters.  I heard a young coyote yelping up against the hillside across the road in broad daylight, yesterday morning, but they don’t bother a garden. We did have a big black bear in our garden one summer. It got shocked going in and just camped in there all night long till daylight came so it could see what it got into. I guess it must have felt like a swarm of gigantic bees stinging, when the bear tore into that fence.  The next morning when Duane went up to the box after the paper, he noticed fence down and checked it out. He saw droppings in the garden from a bear where it had “ pigged out” in someone else’s corn patch. It didn’t eat much of ours. Also, there was a big dent in the dirt where it had slept.

Our dog had barked off and on but not all night and we just thought it was a persistent coon that kept trying to come in on us. Duane had gone out with a spot light when the barking started but he couldn’t see anything. Until next time, stay well and stay safe. A lot of people are getting sick with allergies this spring. I was off to the doctor in April for anti-biotics.

My “Shock” books are still selling as more people find out about them. I have 5 books left out of the latest printing.  If interested please send $22 to me, to cover cost of printing and postage.  It has been a big expense for me.  Jeanette Riffle, 7457 Rosedale Rd.,  Rosedale, WV 26636

Removing Trump Per 25th Amendment

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I guess I was asleep at the switch, because I’ve only just woken up to the latest wizard wheeze of the ruling class; it is to remove Donald Trump per the 25th Amendment as “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.“

See, the idea, from Section 4, is that:

Whenever the Vice President and a majority of either the principal officers of the executive departments… transmit to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives their written declaration that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, the Vice President shall immediately assume the powers and duties of the office as Acting President.

Pretty cute, huh?

The idea, from a long tweet series from Ross Douthat, is that removing Trump per the 25th Amendment has to do with the “central *use* of an elite - their ability to respond swiftly to a situation the public as a whole can’t reckon with.“

Oh yeah. Except I can’t think of a case where the elite did usefullly “respond swiftly,“ and there are other cases where I’d say the elite did respond swiftly when it wasn’t necessary.

In general, I would say that an elite is absolutely useless in doing the things it is supposed to do. I’d say that is to stop the people from doing something they might regret.

But the elite never does that. Instead it manipulates the people in order to increase its money, power, and the love of beautiful women. The whole point of the mega-administrative state is that it has been useful for the elite to acquire political power, by enticing the support of the people by offering them free stuff. Then it gets us into stupid wars that cost a ton of money and the lives of young American men. And then, per Margaret Thatcher, it runs out of other peoples’ money.

So now the elite is saying that Donald Trump is somehow “unable to discharge” his duties? You mean that he gets ###### off when leakers and bureaucrats embarrass him with memos to the file? Golly! That’s really bad! So that’s why we need an elite. To punish populist presidents when they get mad having to deal with the permanent government.

One could ask: why aren’t more presidents getting ###### off with the high-born leakers in the bureaucracy?

You know the answer to that. If you are Barack Obama, you don’t have to bother, because the permanent bureaucracy is on your side, just waiting for a hint to go on a rampage to double and redouble the regulations of the regulatory state. If you are, say, George W. Bush you know that it is useless to even try to fight the permanent bureaucracy, ‘cos they will probably eat you for breakfast one day.

Maybe it is time we had a president that lacks the trained-poodle blandness of a seasoned Republican. Maybe we elected Donald Trump to get into a knock-down drag-out fight with the permanent government before it is too late.

Because I will tell you what I think. I think that the good thing about the Trump administration thus far is that he has flushed the permanent state out of the bushes—and on stupid penny-ante issues.

Who cares if the Trumpsters dallied with the Russians? It’s the job of a candidate’s people to make contact with foreign powers.

Who cares if the president asked James Comey to take it easy on Gen. Flynn—although it looks like Flynn was a naughty boy taking money from the Turks. But hey, the Clintons take money from foreigners! They all do it!

My point is that if the Deep State was more serious, instead of a bunch of rich kids with sinecures, it would hold its fire for something really big and then swoop down with devastating effect. Right now, the Deep State is just teaching President Trump how to deal with it.

But aside from that, what exactly has President Trump done that is so horrible? He has a mild reform of Obamacare in the works. He is proposing a tax cut. He has cut back a bunch of stupid regulations. He has flooded the airwaves with his tweets.

But look at the good side, from the viewpoint of the elite. He is having difficulty with his wall and his immigration policies because of pushback from the Deep State. What is not to like?

Here’s my beef. The “elite” ought to know that government handout programs are a really bad idea because you can never cut them. So a wise elite would always combine to prevent that. The “elite” ought to know that the science of regulatory government has been settled for a hundred years, ever since Ludwig von Mises pointed out that socialism couldn’t work because it couldn’t compute prices.

I could go on.

So what’s the point of an elite that can’t pull the people back from common mistakes? What’s the point of an elite that makes really big mistakes?

I’d say that in President Trump the elite got the president it deserves. Trump is the result of decades of elite conceit that didn’t bother to consider the needs of the ordinary man-in-the-street. The elite hasn’t even begun to get serious about getting its own house in order before running over to Trump’s house to complain about the dust and disorder there.

~~  Christopher Chantrill ~~

Pat’s Chat

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From my devotional reading today:  “Men are not to rejoice in their wisdom, their strength, or their riches, but in the fact that they have a knowledge of Christ.  This knowledge is the most excellent, the most precious, that we can possess.  It is the pledge of everlasting life. . . . Money cannot buy it, intellect cannot grasp it, power cannot command it, but to all who will accept it God’s glorious grace is freely given.  But men may feel their need, and, renouncing all self-dependence, accept salvation as a gift.  Those who enter heaven will not scale its walls by their own righteousness, nor will its gates be opened to them for costly offerings of gold or silver; but they will gain an entrance to the many mansions of the Father’s house through the merits of the cross of Christ.”——Sons and Daughters of God, p. 233. [See John 17)

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The beautiful family of Bobby Furr attending the Mother’s Day Breakfast 5-5-17 at the Buckhannon Seventh-day Adventist Church.  (L to R are Lisa and Bobby Furr, their children, Annie and Little Bobby, who is definitely not so little anymore.  Not in the picture are the other son, Ike Petty, and the grandmother, Biddie Love.)​

I survived the carpal tunnel operation and the horribly painful side-effects of my pain meds, sedation, or whatever after the ​surgery​.  I am grateful to be out of the reach of ​ the​ many wonderful staff that treated me at Stonewall ​Jackson ​Memorial Hospital ​ and I hope I never have to go through any more surgeries, ever!

I attended the Mother’s Day breakfast at the Buckhannon Seventh-day Adventist Church.
​  ​
It was delicious. And beautifully done.  Sheri-Lyn Sapp sent me a few pictures, one of which I have included.


Is Trump Toast Yet?

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To understand how the frenzy over the Comey Memo could provoke a 370 point decline in the Dow Jones Industrial Index on May 17, consider this by a liberal, Damon Linker, bemoaning the sickness of an America that elected “to deliver the presidency to a man of uncommon ignorance and sociopathological malevolence.“

Every day Donald Trump shreds the rule of law in novel ways — by lying constantly and continuously, by bringing corruption into the highest levels of the executive branch, by expressing contempt for and defying ordinary norms of democratic governance, by refusing to hire people to staff the federal government. And every day, the president’s own party makes it worse by ignoring or making excuses for the transgressions.

Oh please! Gag me with a spoon, as we used to say. You’d think the fellow was describing the Obama administration. Lying? As in “If you like your plan you can keep your plan?“ Corruption? As is hiring Hillary Clinton? As in condoning the lovely Lois Lerner and her war on Tea Party groups in the months before the 2012 election? Contempt for ordinary norms of democratic governance? As in Rule by Phone and Pen and middle-of-the-night regulations? What planet are you on, Mr. Linker?

Somehow there is never a need for a special prosecutor in a Democratic administration. Why is that? Is it something in the Constitution?

But back to the important stuff. Is Trump finished? Will he be impeached next week? What we have seen this week is Democrats turning on a dime from calling for James Comey’s scalp to expressing their shock, shock, that President Trump might put in a word for Gen. Flynn, a man who seems to have been grievously and unjustly treated by the Deep State’s campaign to discredit President Trump.

Honestly, I don’t know. But I will tell you this. I was talking to a young skull full of mush yesterday and he didn’t like hearing the argument of Charles Murray that the US is turning into a society segregated by IQ, in which the top 25 percent is doing fine, the middle 40 percent only so so, and in the bottom 35 percent the men don’t work much and the women don’t marry much. That’s just for white people. No clue about how the Murray Doctrine applies to minorities.

So I assume that the argument that liberal politics has segregated the nation by IQ is a powerful argument that pierces liberal conceit at its very heart. After all liberals think, they know, that their welfare state is an engine of equality and justice that is helping marginalized communities, only more programs are needed. It cannot be, it just cannot be that liberal politics is having the opposite effect, marginalizing the low paid, the low IQ and throwing them on the dust-heap of history right there with the white working class.

Yes, but what about Trump? Honestly, I don’t know. Obviously liberals are using everything they can to angry up their base which was caught completely with sails aback last November. But there is a problem. If liberals angry up their base they might end by angrying up the Republican base. And really, is the angry-up strategy working? After eight years of angry-up politics we have the most Republican Congress and state legislatures since the 1920s.

Before we assume that Trump is finished we’d better understand why all the protests and the accusations and the marchin’ and resistin’ failed to deliver a Democratic Congress and a Democratic President.

Maybe it’s because Democrats ended up believing their own press releases that the future belonged to an Emerging Democratic Majority of women, minorities, the educated and the youth. Maybe that’s why Hillary Clinton didn’t bother to contest the Rust Belt states of Michigan and Wisconsin.

What I do know is that liberals have no clue how much trouble their top-down administrative state is in. My young skull full of mush was a bit shocked when I explained that any administrative system is like an army. It is designed to implement the strategy of the guys at the top and the kids at the bottom in the firing line are just cannon fodder. As in: System is Domination.

~~  Christopher Chantrill ~~

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