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The most “sinful” city in the US is ... yup, Vegas. Though that top result isn’t too surprising, a ranking by WalletHub is still pretty entertaining to read. Using metrics that run the gamut from casinos, to massage parlors, to plastic surgeries (vanity is a sin, remember), and even to the number of active Tinder users, the site has a comprehensive ranking on the best and least sinful cities out of more than 180 studied. South Burlington, Vermont, ends up as the most virtuous. Here are the worst, along with the overall “vice index”:

  1. Las Vegas, 59.53
  2. Orlando, Florida, 53.11
  3. Miami, 52.52
  4. St. Louis, Missouri, 52.46
  5. North Las Vegas, 50.58
  6. Henderson, Nevada, 50.27
  7. Detroit, 50.09
  8. Baton Rouge, 50.01
  9. Tampa, Florida, 49.70
  10. New Orleans, 49.64

The least sinful cities:

  1. Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 31.78
  2. Aurora, Illinois, 31.64
  3. San Jose, California, 31.44
  4. Santa Rosa, California, 31.35
  5. Plano, Texas, 31.24
  6. Port St. Lucie, Florida, 31.21
  7. West Valley City, Utah, 31.05
  8. Brownsville, Texas, 30.62
  9. Pearl City, Hawaii, 29.77
  10. South Burlington, Vermont, 28.97

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