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New Jimmy John’s Sub Is a ‘Cardiologist’s Nightmare’

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Construction workers and college students are apparently ravenous. Those are the ones, among others, being targeted by the Jimmy John’s sandwich chain with its newest offering: the JJ Gargantuan, a 2,190-calorie beast that exceeds in caloric content what the US government recommends most people should eat in one full day. USA Today describes the 16-inch “cardiologist’s nightmare” as being crammed with turkey, roast beef, salami, capicola, and provolone cheese, then topped with veggies, mayo, and oil and vinegar.

“It really came about because of consumer demand for it,“ a Jimmy John’s exec says. “We had hungrier consumers looking for a little bit more sandwich.“ The Gargantuan fits in well with the new Jimmy John’s “freak” ad campaign, reported on this week by Ad Age. The chain’s new tagline: “Freaky fast, freaky fresh, Jimmy John’s, freak yeah.“

--> Monday, June 11, 2018
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