200 More Foods Are Now 0 Points on Weight Watchers

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Rejoice, all you calorie-counting lovers of eggs, yogurt, and lobster! Today, Weight Watchers announced that it is adding more than 200 items to its list of foods that have zero points on its SmartPoints rating system. Which means you can now eat as many skinless chicken breasts and as much no-fat yogurt as you’d like, guilt-free, USA Today reports. The change, part of the company’s new WW Freestyle program, will make it easier for dieters to eat well, which will, ideally, attract new people to the company and former dieters to come back. “It will attract Weight Watchers members that see this and say, ‘This looks like something I want to come back to,‘“ said company CEO Mindy Grossman.

But Weight Watchers officials say the larger zero-point list isn’t just about profitability; it also reflects changes in the way dietitians are looking at healthy food, Business Insider reports. “These foods get picked for a reason,“ says Gary Foster, Weight Watchers’ chief scientific officer. For example, new studies show that eggs don’t necessarily lead to increased cholesterol levels, the way we once thought they did. Hence the arrival of the breakfast favorite on the no-points list, right next to celery and kale.

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