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  • How Net Neutrality Could Still Survive:  This may take a while to load. Anyone who’s bemoaned the Federal Communications Commission’s impending elimination of net neutrality can be consoled: The Dec. 14 commission vote on equal internet access is sure to be challenged in court, starting in one of 13 federal appeals courts. Jurisdiction is chosen by lottery, but it’s nonetheless one of many variables to be dragged out by at least a year and a half of legal jockeying. While a ruling is at “the end of a long tunnel,” as one lawyer puts it, neutrality partisans could see daylight there.  Gizmodo

  • Venezuela’s Maduro Proposes Creation of New Digital Currency:  Your bolivars are no good here. The value of Venezuela’s currency has taken a nosedive after an economic crisis, government mismanagement and the “financial blockade” of U.S. sanctions. To combat that slide, President Nicolas Maduro has announced plans for a new cryptocurrency, the “petro,” backed by commodities like oil and gold, as a way to skirt sanctions and “advance in monetary sovereignty.” The IMF predicts Venezuela’s annual inflation will exceed 2,300 percent in 2018 — and Bitcoin, which hit a high of $11,434 last week, is growing in popularity there.  CoinDesk

  • Feds skip normal appellate channels, and the 9th Circuit, in making their request.  Politico

  • United States v. Michael Flynn. “Prosecutors do not give generous deals in major public integrity cases to big-fish defendants without good reason.”  Lawfare

  • No, there is less here than meets the eye. National Review

  • Why did Trump rush to defend Flynn?  The Washington Post

  • Why the president’s lawyers are freaking out.  The New Yorker

  • Why did Flynn make the deal?  The Washington Post

  • Five reasons why it’s a big deal.  USA Today

  • Ten key takeaways. The New York Times

  • Eleven experts weigh in.  Politico

  • What if none of it matters anyway?  Slate

  • The feds ask the U.S. Supreme Court to keep DACA details secret.   Justice Department lawyers late Friday made an extraordinary request: don’t make the government turn over documents behind the Trump administration’s decision to rescind the “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” program. Justice Kennedy has asked for a response to the filings by this Wednesday.  Buzzfeed

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