Jeanette Riffle: Middle Run Memories

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I got a surprise call from a relative on Dad’s side, Ernestine Weaver Walker. She lives over in Belpre, Ohio. We are related through Grandpa Frank Stewart’s sister, Blanch Stewart, that married Cleve Weaver and they lived on Middle Run. She and some other relatives read my stories in the Glenville Democrat.  After we talked, I remembered some things about going over there as a child. After Dad got his first car, he wanted to go visit his Aunt Blanch and he took my brother, Brock, and I over one hot summer day. I would have been about 6 and my brother, 3 years old. It seems like we pulled up to the house and it was to the right side to Dad’s car. We went in and Dad introduced us. We were hot and thirsty and I asked for a glass of water.  Great Aunt Blanch turned on the faucet and water came out and splashed in the sink with such a force that it splashed out and scared me. I was standing right up to the sink. As I was used to a pitcher pump on our back porch, I was fascinated and wondered how that one worked.  Dad thought it was funny because we jumped back away from the kitchen sink like that. We enjoyed our good cold water and visited a while. That’s all I can remember about that trip.  Recently, I was telling my husband about my memories and he said that his Riffle grandparents over on the Bear Fork, had running water like that. There was a spring of water on top of the hill and a water line running down to the house. When you turned on the faucet, water was backed up by gravity pulling it downhill and was ready to come out. He said the one he remembered didn’t blast out though, because the hill at Grandpa Riffle’s wasn’t very steep. It depends on how high the hill is and how steep it is.  I was talking to my youngest brother, Brent Stewart, and he said that the kids of Blanch and Cleve came home in summer for the 4th of July and he went with Dad over there some. He remembers Dad telling him that our Grandpa, Frank Stewart’s, old home place, was just down the road from Weavers. Great Grandfather, Ben, and Rebecca Ross Stewart, came here from Doddridge Co. and raised a big Family there on the Middle Run. She already had relatives there. She died before my time but Grandmother Grace Smith Stewart, showed me a picture of her when I was a child and told me she was fair skinned, had red hair and blue eyes. A lot of us Stewart girls had red highlights in our hair and Granny said that’s where it came from. My youngest brother’s middle name is Ross. Dad wanted him named after her as that was her maiden name. So, this is some of my memories of the Middle Run.

Until next time, stay well and enjoy your Christmas shopping. God bless! 

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