10 Poorest Countries on Earth

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As American lawmakers and financial experts debate economic disparity, 24/7 Wall St. takes a worldwide economic view—specifically, regarding which nations are the poorest on Earth. The site compared gross national income, or GNI, per capita from the World Bank for more than 170 nations, which is a close equivalent to figuring out what residents’ average annual income is. Here, the top 10 poorest nations, plus their GNI per capita:

  1. Burundi; $280
  2. Malawi; $320
  3. Central African Republic; $370
  4. Liberia; $370
  5. Niger; $370
  6. Madagascar; $400
  7. Democratic Republic of Congo; $420
  8. The Gambia; $440
  9. Mozambique; $480
  10. Guinea; $490

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