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These Products Still Boast They’re ‘Made in the USA’

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With the July 4th holiday in mind, 24/7 Wall St. put together a list of companies whose manufacturing (mainly) remains in the US. That “mainly” is because there’s some wiggle room on a few of these brands: Some, for instance, only make a portion of their products domestically, while others import much of the materials they need to make their products from overseas. And while a firm like US Flag Supply boasts States-side roots, American flags in general can’t always claim a “Made in the USA” sticker—many are imported from other countries, with China as the main supplier. What follows are 10 products that do make a patriotic showing, plus their main manufacturing location:

  • Ben & Jerry’s ice cream; Waterbury, Vt.
  • Bud Light beer; a dozen locations across the US
  • Colt firearms; West Hartford, Conn.
  • Crayola crayons; Easton, Pa.
  • Hallmark greeting cards; Lawrence and Leavenworth, Kan.
  • Jack Daniels whiskey; Lynchburg, Tenn.
  • Marlboro cigarettes; Richmond, Va.
  • Tesla cars; Fremont, Calif.
  • Wilson footballs; Ada, Ohio
  • US Flag Supply flags; Atlantic Beach, Fla.
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--> Wednesday, July 11, 2018
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