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Billionaires’ Honeymoons Are More Eye-Popping Than You Think

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Ovation Vacations goes to extremes for its clients

In describing his “consulting crash course” with “a leisure travel consultancy” that plans eye-popping honeymoons for billionaires, Brandon Presser explains that the first order of business is signing a nondisclosure agreement. And yet his piece for Bloomberg still manages to be replete with truly amazing examples of how the other half (or a sliver of a sliver of the other half) lives. He writes that Ovation Vacations employs a staff of 30 who arrange 200+ honeymoons a year, with each averaging about $50,000 (that’s $10 million worth of honeymoons). And they do the incredible: Nabbing a private meet-and-greet with the pope, getting a couple seats at Sukiyabashi Jiro (made famous by Jiro Dreams of Sushi), and fulfilling a couple’s dreams of sleeping in Louis XIV’s bed.

An even more extreme example: Ovation spent weeks working with the Icelandic government in order to get the OK from customs to import dragonfruit, as a “pop star client” needed to incorporate “freshly picked” dragonfruit in her daily smoothie. Maybe even more extreme: The $40,000 spent to raise a hotel bathroom’s granite sink 7 inches to eliminate the need for one TV actress to bend while washing her face. Ovation’s travel agents don’t just handle the requests from behind a desk: They’ve flown beef across the world and have checked in at exclusive resorts alongside their clients in order to be the first to the beach to reserve the primo chairs on the couple’s behalf. Read Presser’s full article for more on the wild requests Ovation’s agents handle, along with the equally wild tips they have received.

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