After Singer’s Death, Woman Shares Best Prodigy Story

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All kinds of tributes are pouring in after the death of Prodigy lead singer Keith Flint, but a UK woman’s remembrance may top them all. Fiona Mills, a BBC presenter, tweeted that she gave birth while the band’s not-so-soothing song “Firestarter” played on repeat because her husband grabbed the wrong musical tape. (This was the ‘90s.) He was in a “mad panic,“ so “instead of giving birth to Enya and ocean sounds it was The Prodigy. I don’t regret it either.“ Mills elaborates to Time, saying that she’d been listening to Enya in the final months of her pregnancy and asked her husband to grab the tape from the player on their way to the hospital.

By the time his mistake was discovered, it was too late. “I was in the throes of pushing and yelled holy hell at him,“ she recalls. “By that stage then, I wouldn’t have been bothered if the actual band was in the room.“ All ended well, however. Dad is forgiven, and the baby boy is now a 6-foot-7 21-year-old with a “stubborn streak” that Mom chalks up to the musical choice at his birth.

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