History on January 23, yyyy

Today is Monday, Jan. 23, the 23rd day of 2012. There are 343 days left in the year.

Thought for Today:

“It’s not what you are, it’s what you don’t become that hurts.“ — Oscar Levant, pianist-composer-actor (1906-1972).

Today’s Highlights in History:


On Jan. 23, 1962, Jackie Robinson was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility. Tony Bennett recorded “I Left My Heart in San Francisco,“ by George Cory and Douglass Cross, in New York for Columbia Records.

On this date:

In 1789, Georgetown University was established in present-day Washington, D.C.

In 1812, the second New Madrid (MAD’-rihd) Earthquake struck, with an estimated magnitude of 7.5, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

In 1845, Congress decided all national elections would be held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November.

In 1932, New York Gov. Franklin D. Roosevelt announced his candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination.

In 1937, 17 people went on trial in Moscow during Josef Stalin’s “Great Purge.“ (All were convicted; all but four were executed.)

In 1943, critic Alexander Woollcott suffered a fatal heart attack during a live broadcast of the CBS radio program “People’s Platform.“

In 1950, the Israeli Knesset approved a resolution affirming Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

In 1960, the U.S. Navy-operated bathyscaphe (BATH’-ih-skahf) Trieste carried two men to the deepest known point in the Pacific Ocean, reaching a depth of more than 35,000 feet.

In 1964, the 24th amendment to the Constitution, eliminating the poll tax in federal elections, was ratified.

In 1968, North Korea seized the Navy intelligence ship USS Pueblo, charging its crew with being on a spying mission. (The crew was released 11 months later.)

In 1973, President Richard Nixon announced an accord had been reached to end the Vietnam War.

In 1981, American composer Samuel Barber died in New York at age 70.

Ten years ago:

Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl was abducted in Karachi, Pakistan, by a group demanding the return of prisoners from the Afghan campaign; he was later murdered.

John Walker Lindh, a U.S.-born Taliban fighter, was returned to the United States to face criminal charges that he’d conspired to kill fellow Americans.

Kenneth Lay stepped down as chairman and chief executive of Enron Corp.

Five years ago:

In his State of the Union address, President George W. Bush implored Congress to give his plan to send more U.S. troops to Iraq a chance to work.

A new rule requiring U.S. airline passengers to show a passport upon their return from Mexico, Canada or the Caribbean took effect. E. Howard Hunt, who’d helped organize the Watergate break-in, leading to the downfall of Richard Nixon’s presidency, died in Miami, FL, at age 88.

One year ago:

Allies and adversaries of President Hugo Chavez took to the streets of Caracas by the thousands, staging rival demonstrations to commemorate the 53rd anniversary of Venezuela’s democracy.

Fitness guru Jack LaLanne died in Morro Bay, Calif., at age 96.

The Pittsburgh Steelers advanced to their third Super Bowl in six years with a 24-19 victory over the New York Jets to win the AFC championship.

The Green Bay Packers defeated the Chicago Bears, 21-14, in the NFC championship game.

Today’s Birthdays:

Sen. Frank R. Lautenberg, D-N.J., is 88

Actress Jeanne Moreau is 84

Actress Chita Rivera is 79

Actor-director Lou Antonio is 78

Actor Gil Gerard is 69

Actor Rutger Hauer is 68

Rhythm-and-blues singer Jerry Lawson (The Persuasions) is 68

Sen. Thomas R. Carper, D-Del., is 65

Singer Anita Pointer is 64

Actor Richard Dean Anderson is 62

Rock musician Bill Cunningham is 62

Rock singer Robin Zander (Cheap Trick) is 59

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa (vee-yah-ry-GOH’-sah) is 59

Princess Caroline of Monaco is 55

Singer Anita Baker is 54

Reggae musician Earl Falconer (UB40) is 53

Actress Gail O’Grady is 49

Actress Mariska Hargitay is 48

Rhythm-and-blues singer Marc Nelson is 41

Actress Tiffani Thiessen is 38

Rock musician Nick Harmer (Death Cab for Cutie) is 37

Christian rock musician Nick DePartee (Kutless) is 27

GSC Men’s Basketball: WV State 71, Glenville State 62


WV State overcame a four-point halftime deficit to knock off visiting Glenville State 71-62.

Marcus Ashton came off the bench to lead GSC with 21 points.

Jamel Morris accounted for 13 while Nate Cash narrowly missed a double-double with 8 points and 9 rebounds.

Kevin Gray dished out a team-high 5 assists.

The Yellow Jackets were paced by Corey Bethea’s huge day.

Bethea tallied 27 points, 7 assists, 6 rebounds, 3 blocks and a steal.

David Ford garnered 22 points and 16 rebounds while Qua’Darius Fewell snared 9 boards.

WVSU was solid at the line, making 16-of-19.

The Pioneers return to action on Thursday night, January 26, 2012, when GSC hosts to Fairmont State.

Game time is set for 7:30 PM.

Recalls - 01.20.12



Giant Bicycle Inc. is recalling 2012 Model Year Giant Defy Advanced and Avail Advanced Bicycles sold nationwide from August 2011 to November 2011.

The fork can crack, posing a fall hazard.

This recall involves all 2012 model year men’s Giant Defy Advanced 0, 1 and 2 model bicycles and the women’s Giant Avail Advanced 0, 1, and 2 model bicycles.

Giant and the model name are printed on the bicycle.

Consumers should contact any authorized Giant Bicycle dealer for a free inspection and replacement of the fork.

Consumers can also contact Giant Bicycle at 866.458.2555 between 9 AM and 4 PM PT Monday through Friday or visit


Steelcase Inc. is recalling Amia desk chairs sold nationwide from March 2011 to June 2011.

The pivot pins installed in the control mechanism under the chair seat can fall out, posing a fall hazard.

This recall includes the model 482 Series Steelcase Amia desk chairs manufactured between March 01, 2011 and June 06, 2011.

The model number and manufacture date are printed on a label on the underside of the chair seat.

Consumers should contact Steelcase at 800.391.7194 between 8 AM and 5 PM ET Monday through Friday to receive adhesive covers to apply over the pivot pins on their chairs.

WV DHHR Releases WV Youth Tobacco Survey 2007 and 2009


For decades tobacco use was a rite of passage for teens in West Virginia, but a new report released by the WV Department of Health and Human Resources Health Statistics Center, indicates that more kids are choosing to be tobacco-free.

The report analyzes data from the 2007 and 2009 Youth Tobacco Survey and compares data from previous years, detailing the use of tobacco, cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, cigars and pipes for middle school and high school students.

“West Virginia has seen limited decreases in adult tobacco use rates, but declines have been dramatic among the youth,” said Dan Christy, director of the health statistics center. “This report also measures never-tobacco use – those students who have never tried or used any form of tobacco. It is a more positive focus for analysis, and never-tobacco use has significantly increased 90 percent among high school students from 2000 to 2009.”

Director of the Bureau for Public Health’s Division of Tobacco Prevention, Bruce Adkins said, “Raze, the thriving youth-led tobacco prevention initiative, and other sustained youth initiatives continue to change the social norm about tobacco use here in WV. Thousands of WV teens know tobacco use is unhealthy and no longer an acceptable practice.”

The report can be accessed online at or

Printed reports may be obtained by calling 304.356.4171.

Weekly Horoscope: 01.22.12 - 01.28.12

Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19) - Don’t make a fuss on the 22nd unless you are ready to defend your position. An emotional response will not help your cause or your reputation. A creative suggestion coupled with an honest attempt on the 23rd and 24th to do something nice or good for someone will pay off and bring you good fortune. Strive to please and you will succeed. Your passionate approach to whatever you do will attract a lot of attention on the 25th 26th and 27th. Not everyone will approve but those who do will compliment you giving you added strength to proceed. Be careful not to let your emotions lead you down an impulsive path on the 28th. Your timing must be impeccable.

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20) - Speak up on the 22nd and you will get a good response. This is your chance to offer a service that will bring you extra cash. Don’t let other people force responsibilities on you that will slow down your progress on the 23rd and 24th. Manage your time creatively and you will be able to offer suggestions as well as accomplish your own goals. Opportunity knocks on the 25th 26th and 27th. Travel educational pursuits and engaging in discussions that can help you advance should be your priority. Keep a close watch of individuals who appear unpredictable on the 28th. Guard against a situation that has the potential to cost you financially and emotionally.

Gemini (May 21-Jun 20) - Listen carefully to what’s being said on the 22nd but don’t retaliate. You may not agree but getting into an argument will not change anything. You’ll be praised and receive recognition for your imaginative ideas on the 23rd and 24th. Make a point of asking for something you want while you are being held in such high esteem. Problems in your personal life will surface on the 25th 26th and 27th if you haven’t been paying enough attention to the people who count in your life. Recognize what others do for you and what demands must be met to please the ones you love. Make suggestions on the 28th and will help you control the outcome of a deal you have in the works.

Cancer (Jun 21-Jul 22) - Love is highlighted on the 22nd. Spend time with someone special or socializing in hopes to meet The One if you are single. Try your hand at something creative on the 23rd and 24th and you will be surprised how well you do and the acknowledgement you receive for your effort. A short trip will bring great results. Give some thought to ways that you can make what you have to offer more valuable on the 25th 26th and 27th. Once you can classify your talent as something everyone can use you will be well on your way to raising your earning potential. Don’t let emotional misunderstandings lead to an impulsive act you’ll regret on the 28th. Stay calm.

Leo (Jul 23-Aug 22) - Make sure you are fully prepared for the upcoming week on the 22nd. The time spent putting things in order will be well worth your time. A partnership is likely to undergo some difficulties on the 23rd and 24th. If there is something you don’t understand ask questions until you fully understand what’s expected of you. You’ll feel anxious about a personal issue regarding money that you have with someone on the 25th 26th and 27th. Broach the subject diplomatically or you may end up in an argument that will lead to physical abuse. Make changes to your lifestyle attitude or philosophy on the 28th that will help you make a decision regarding where you will reside in the near future.

Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22) - Take on a challenge or get involved in activities that require you to use your mind and your body on the 22nd. You will gain experience and learn a lot. Listen carefully to what’s being said on the 23rd and 24th when you are dealing with colleagues or being interviewed for a new position. Not everything will be made clear and questions should be asked before you agree to do something based on vague instructions. Passion love and romance are all highlighted on the 25th 26th and 27th. Socializing and spending quality time with someone you love will be satisfying. Put time money and effort in to your home on the 28th. The rewards will be worth your while.

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22) - Make whatever transformation you have planned for your home on the 22nd and you will get approval as well as help in accomplishing your goals. An emotional situation will surface on the 23rd and 24th that will allow you to get a better handle on your personal connection to someone close to you. It may be that you have to make an adjustment in order to smooth out a problem. Keep a close eye on what’s happening with people you work with on the 25th 26th and 27th. A passionate response from you will help negotiate a deal. Partnerships must be nurtured on the 28th. Expressing your creative ideas will invite constructive suggestions that add to your original plans.

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21) - Get involved in discussions on the 22nd that can help shape your plans for the near future. Your insight will help bridge the gap between your thoughts and what someone else thinks. A problem at home on the 23rd and 24th will need your undivided attention especially if someone has not been completely honest. The time is right on the 25th 26th and 27th to push through your ideas and thoughts about how you’d like to see things unfold domestically as well as within your personal relationships. Ask and you shall receive. A unique idea you come up with on the 28th will not necessarily bring in additional cash but if you can get something out of the exercise it will pay off.

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21) - You are best to organize your time wisely on the 22nd or someone may challenge the way you plan to proceed. Put your ideas on the table on the 23rd and 24th and you will be fortunate in the response you get and the number of people that want to participate. A love relationship however will not run as smoothing for you. Emotional issues will come to the forefront on the 25th 26th and 27th. It will be important for you to handle friends, relatives, lovers and neighbors with diplomacy if you want to avoid serious repercussions. Size up your situation on the 28th and make whatever alterations necessary to make you happy. Put an end to whatever isn’t working for you.

Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19) - Work quickly on the 22nd in order to get things done so that you don’t miss out on an event or activity you really want to attend. A change in the way you earn your living is apparent on the 23rd and 24th. Be careful how you proceed. Don’t quit one job before you have another in place. Don’t be fooled by promises. Get whatever you want in writing. Put more emphasis on love relationships on the 25th 26th and 27th. Do something nice for the person you care about most will bring you closer together and help you map out a bright future. Don’t put pressure on others on the 28th or you will face opposition and the possibility of having to do everything on your own.

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18) - Don’t reveal your financial situation to anyone on the 22nd. You are best to keep your personal affairs a secret if you want to avoid interference. Emotional matters are sure to surface on the 23rd and 24th. You are best to avoid anyone that is overindulgent or who tends to overreact. Taking on too much will lead to loss or not reaching your goals. Try out a new look or pick up something that will enhance your appearance on the 25th 26th and 27th. A closer look at a partnership opportunity will divulge a positive side that you hadn’t noticed in the past. Avoid being taken advantage of on the 28th. You can only do so much and for now you must satisfy your own needs.

Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20) -  Your suggestions will be well received on the 22nd. Getting to know people in high places will lead to favors that will help you get ahead. You can solidify a deal with someone on the 23rd and 24th who you feel can contribute to the goals you are trying to reach if you divvy up the responsibilities evenly between you. Share your emotions on the 25th 26th and 27th and you will find it much easier to deal with the people around you. Knowing what you are up against and who is and who isn’t going to help you will make your life easier. An impulsive move will backfire on the 28th. Before you make your move look at every angle and the pros, cons and consequences you face.

New Website Is One-Stop Shop for Active Military, Veterans and Families


As hundreds of West Virginia veterans return home after serving their country overseas, there is now a website to help them transition back into civilian life.

The website,, provides links to services for employment, health care, training and education, benefits, and family resources.

“Troops are returning to West Virginia with significant skills and experiences learned from their military training that will lead to new employment opportunities here at home,” Governor Tomblin said. “The site will help all West Virginia service members: returning troops, active military, veterans and their families. Those who have served have done so much for us. As they return home, it is right and fitting that we do all we can to serve them.”

The website is a partnership of WorkForce West Virginia, Employer Services for the Guard and Reserve, West Virginia Veterans Assistance, U.S. Department of Labor Veterans Program, and the West Virginia National Guard.

The site provides local contacts for military services and information on little-known benefits, such as a program that helps pay for care in the home, nursing home or assisted living facility. The site will also offer guidance to people interested in converting military experience toward civilian careers, those without work skills, or older veterans looking for work.

WorkForce West Virginia provides priority services to qualified veterans. Veterans in West Virginia are encouraged to contact a local office for more information on services. A list of local offices is available by calling toll free 1.800.252.JOBS (5627).

Gilmer County Board of Education Meeting Monday - 01.23.12


The next meeting of Gilmer County Board of Education is on Monday, January 23, 2012 at 5:30 PM.

Meeting will be held at the Gilmer County High School Library.

Gilmer County: Friends of Library Meeting - Monday - 01.23.12


The next meeting of the GILMER COUNTY FRIENDS OF THE LIBRARY is scheduled for MONDAY MORNING 10:00 AM, January 23, 2012 in the Library located at 214 Walnut Street in Glenville.

All those interested in supporting the library are welcome to attend.

G-Comm™: Victory on SOPA - Lessons Learned


“When we feel the heat, we see the light.“ ~ Senator Everett Dirksen

On Wednesday, January 18, the forces of liberty gained a major political victory over the entrenched meddlers in Congress. The owners of a handful of popular Internet sites joined together to protest SOPA/PIPA. They blacked out their sites and provided information on the threat to Internet liberty this bill posed.

Before the day was over, a majority of our elected representatives were doing a superb imitation of the captain of the grounded Italian cruise ship. They abandoned ship as fast as he did, and for the same reason. (Note: the reason was not that they had slipped and fallen into the lifeboat, then to be carried to safety against their will.)

A few weeks before, the Senate version of the House’s SOPA (Stop Online Piracy ACT) bill, called PIPA, was unanimously passed by the Senate Judiciary Committee. PIPA stands for the Protect IP [Intellectual Property] Act. It was non-controversial at the time. It was on a well-greased skid to passage.

Let us not be naive. SOPA/PIPA is a payback for to the entertainment industry’s generous support of PACs and campaign donations. For a list of who got how much, Click H E R E.

Senator Ron Wyden (D-Oregon) did object. He was not on the committee. He vowed to filibuster PIPA. So, Harry Reid announced that he would push it through. He vowed to introduce a 60-vote cloture motion to limit debate. Senator Reid said he would schedule the debate on January 24. There is a Website called Unanimous Consent. It tracks the fast-track bills. Here was its assessment on December 23.

PROTECT IP has 40 bipartisan co-sponsors in the Senate, which means that it could easily clear procedural hurdles to its passage. At this point, there is considerable momentum towards passage, but opponents have effectively used the internet to direct outrage about the bill towards Capitol Hill and organize opposition. The sooner supporters move on the bill, the more likely it will pass. The later opponents can push back the bill, the less likely it will pass. The more opponents stall, the more Senators will feel uncomfortable with supporting the bill and increase their support of an amendment or compromise. While it is less likely to stop the bill outright, opponents can
significantly dilute the content of the bill or substitute a compromise measure.

If you want an overview of just how bad SOPA is, Click H E R E.

Then came the coordinated guerrilla attack. Wikipedia shut down for a day. Anyone searching for something got a one-page explanation of the threat to Internet liberty posed by the bill.

For those of us who despise former Senator Dodd, of Dodd-Frank fame, the following tirade is a delight to read. For us old timers, who despised his father even more, it is sheer ecstasy.

In a Tuesday statement, Chris Dodd, chairman and CEO of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) – and a former Connecticut senator – said Web sites participating in the blackout are “resorting to stunts that punish their users or turn them into their corporate pawns, rather than coming to the table to find solutions to a problem that all now seem to agree is very real and damaging.“ . . . 

“It is an irresponsible response and a disservice to people who rely on [these sites] for information and use their services. It is also an abuse of power given the freedoms these companies enjoy in the marketplace today.“

Then came Wednesday. The protest began early in the morning. It accelerated all day. One of my site members posted on a forum that the Senate’s Website had gone down. He could not contact his Senator. The traffic overwhelmed the site. The New York Times describes what happened through the day.

First, Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, a rising Republican star, took to Facebook, one of the vehicles for promoting opposition, to renounce a bill he had co-sponsored. Senator John Cornyn of Texas, who leads the G.O.P.‘s Senate campaign efforts, used Facebook to urge his colleagues to slow the bill down. Senator Jim DeMint, Republican of South Carolina and a Tea Party favorite, announced his opposition on Twitter, which was already boiling over with anti-#SOPA and #PIPA fever.

Then trickle turned to flood – adding Senators Mark Kirk of Illinois and Roy Blunt of Missouri, and Representatives Lee Terry of Nebraska and Ben Quayle of Arizona. At least 10 senators and nearly twice that many House members announced their opposition. The Good Old Boys learned that they cannot conduct business as usual any longer – not when Internet autonomy is concerned. The Internet can mobilize millions of voters in hours. The Good Old Boys had not yet figured this out on Tuesday. They are slow learners. The Times continued:

And for all the campaign contributions, Washington parties and high-priced lobbyists the old economy could muster, nothing could compare to the tentacles the new economy can reach into Americans’ everyday lives through sites like Wikipedia. Aides to Senator Harry Reid, the majority leader, say he will press forward with a vote Tuesday to open debate on the Protect I.P. bill. Negotiators from both parties are scrambling for new language that could assuage the concerns of the Internet community, but expectations are that the bill will now fail to get the 60 votes to move forward – a significant setback.

Then came this cry of despair from the movie-record industry complex.

“The problem for the content industry is they just don’t know how to mobilize people,“ said John P. Feehery, a former House Republican leadership aide who previously worked at the motion picture association. “They have a small group of content makers, a few unions, whereas the Internet world, the social media world especially, can reach people in ways we never dreamed of before.“

He’s got it! And, by the end of the day on Wednesday, so had Congress.

The Techdirt site had it right.

Think the blackouts were just a “publicity stunt” that didn’t wake up the American people to a serious problem with the legislative process? Wikipedia has now revealed that an astounding eight million people used its tool to look up their elected officials’ contact info. It’s not yet clear how many actually called, but some information on calls is starting to come out, and it sure sounds like a lot of people called. We heard from multiple Senate staffers that the phones – both in DC and back home in the district offices – were ringing non-stop with complaints about the bill. Our own calling widget, care of Engine Advocacy, got a tremendous amount of usage – including over 2,000 phone calls per minute at peak calling times. Meanwhile, Google’s online petition scored 4.5 million signatures… and that’s the number that was reported earlier in the day. I’m sure it was higher by the end of the day. Anyone think this isn’t a mainstream issue yet? More importantly, can anyone explain why various Senators still want to move forward with this bill?

Congress got hammered. This is an election year. Days before, officials with the Obama Administration revealed that the President is concerned about some of the site shut-down provisions in SOPA. The unstated threat: a veto. President Obama is more tech-savvy than Congress. Social media got him elected. He saw what was about to happen. He wisely got out of the way. Congress didn’t.

“This is huge,“ said Rob Enderle, an analyst with the Enderle Group. “[Social networks] pretty much drove the mass objections and stopped this bill from becoming law. I think we are actually seeing the beginning of a huge change in the political process worldwide that [has] social networks at the core.“


It began on January 17, 1998 – exactly 14 years prior to Chris Dodd’s sneering dismissal of what was about to happen the next day. It began with a story on Bill Clinton and an unnamed intern. We read on Wikipedia:

News of the scandal first broke on January 17, 1998, on the Drudge Report website, which reported that Newsweek editors were sitting on a story by investigative reporter Michael Isikoff exposing the affair. The story broke in the mainstream press on January 21 in The Washington Post.

For four days, the mainstream media dithered. They did not sense what was about to happen to them. Then they reported the story. Matt Drudge, a nobody, had forced their hand.

Today, the Drudge Report has 145 million hits a month, evenly distributed between American and foreign. This is reported here. In contrast, Newsweek was sold by the Washington Post in 2010 for one dollar. Its debts – huge – came with it. It merged with the Daily Beast, and it is dragging down the DB’s profits.

Drudge is a political conservative. In contrast, DailyBeast/Newsweek is liberal.

In June 1998, six months after he tossed his hand grenade, Drudge spoke at the National Press Club. In the weeks before his speech, he solicited advice from his readers. I sent him a brief note. He replied. I made this point. He had broken the control of the Establishment’s media gatekeepers. I told him that this was a milestone.

In his speech, he said this. I quote a long section, for he threw down the gauntlet to the reporters’ closed club. He rubbed their noses in it. A new world order in reporting had appeared, and he was its avatar.

From a little corner in my Hollywood apartment, in the company of nothing more than my 486 computer and my six – six-toed cat, I have consistently been able to break big stories, thanks to this network of ordinary guys. The Drudge Report: first to the name the vice-presidential nominee on the Republican ticket last election; first to announce to an American audience that Princess Diana had tragically died; first to sell – tell the sad, sad story of Kathleen Willey; first every weekend with box-office results that even studio executives, some of them, admit they get from me. A new cable network is forming. I was first to announce the unholy alliance between Microsoft and NBC.

I’ve written thousands of stories, started hundreds of news cycles. My readers can follow earthquakes, weather patterns, read Frank Rich on Saturday, Maureen Dowd on Sunday, from my site link to Bob Novak on Monday; dozens of other media spectrum[s], from Molly Ivins; track the world’s news wires minute to minute.

And this is something new. This marks the first time that an individual has access to the news wires outside of a newsroom. You get to read all the news from the Associated Press, UPI, Reuters, to the more – the more arcane Agence France-Presse and the Chenois [phonetic]. I’m a personal fan of the Chenois Press.

And time was only newsrooms had access to the full pictures of the day’s events. But now any citizen does. We get to see the kinds of cuts that are made for all kinds of reasons – endless layers of editors with endless agendas changing bits and pieces, so by the time the newspaper hits your welcome mat it had no meaning. Now with a modem, anyone can follow the world and report on the world – no middle man, no big brother. And I guess this changes everything.

It certainly changed on the night of January 17th, when Newsweek spiked, at the 11th hour, a well-researched, responsibly documented piece about the President of the United States and an obscure White House intern named Monica Lewinsky. After checking with multiple sources, I ran a story about the killing of the story. According to the Los Angeles Times, people familiar with the matter said Clinton was informed Saturday night or Sunday morning The Drudge Report had posted that Lewinsky was about to erupt. For four days I had the story exclusively, and I took a lot of heat. Everyone was afraid of it until the water broke…over at The Washington Post that Wednesday, and then everyone jumped on it.
Now they love it too much, and I’m still taking the heat. “He’s one man out of control,“ a caller warned on talk radio in Los Angeles. “There is such a built-in level of irresponsibility in everything he does,“ cried First Amendment protector Floyd Abrams in a page one Wall Street Journal piece. “The notion of a Matt Drudge cyber gossip sitting next to William Safire on Meet the Press would have been unthinkable,“ smacked Watergate’s Carl Bernstein in an op-ed.

And then, to make his point perfectly clear, he quoted the First Lady herself.

“Any time an individual leaps so far ahead of that balance and throws a system, whatever it might be – political, economic, technological – out of balance, you’ve got a problem. It can lead to all kinds of bad outcomes which we have seen historically.“

Since then, the print media industry has been in a long decline. This will not change. The Good Old Boys who listened to his speech are retired, in a new line of work, dead, or struggling to make ends meet. They would love to have Drudge’s ad revenue for just one day per year.

It is fitting that, on Wednesday, January 18, Drudge ran a column on the suppression of a 2-hour interview that Newt Gingrich’s ex-wife gave to ABC news. ABC News has decided not to run it before the South Carolina primary on the following Saturday. It was Newsweek all over again! These people still think they can spike their way though life, timing the release of news for political purposes. But as soon as Drudge posted the story on Wednesday evening, they backtracked. They decided to run it on Thursday night. They had felt the heat, so they saw the light.

Year by year, the networks’ market share declines. Their influence wanes. As I wrote to Drudge almost 14 years ago, the gatekeepers stand at the gates, but the walls have collapsed.


The tide is turning against all of the political Establishments on earth. A year ago, the Internet brought down a tyrant in Algeria. More followed.

The Web, the social media, YouTube: they cannot be stopped. Ask Chris Dodd.

The terms of engagement have changed. The bonehead Congressman who confiscated the cell phones of his town hall audience could not keep the videos off YouTube. Shortly after the video was posted, he backed down. I wrote about this here. These people are slow learners. Their old habits die hard. But the Internet is educating them, one by one.

Have hope. This is the wave of the future.

~~  By Gary North - the author of Mises on Money  ~~


RECEIPTS:        Auctions    Direct    Video/Internet     Total
This Week         298,500    82,000        75,300        455,800   
Last Week         371,400    79,700        44,600        495,700   
Last Year         339,200    83,700        68,500        491,400

Compared to last week, the majority of calf prices going through the auctions were higher again this week.

Feeder calves sold firm to 5.00 higher than the previous week’s sharp gains with instances as much as 10.00 higher on several classes of calves weighing between 400-600 lbs.

In the Northern Plains demand remains good on top quality 6 weight heifers that continue to find increased competition from replacement buyers.

Heavier calves (over 700 lbs.) and a light test of yearlings sold steady to 3.00 higher.

Feeder demand remains very good as buyers were once again very aggressive to own feeder cattle.

The theory for tight supplies going into spring and summer would support the feeder cattle contracts prices at 156.00-157.00 for the summer months and with next week’s semi-annual inventory report due out on overall U.S. cattle inventories should tell us how big a shortfall we have in beef numbers.

Nebraska continues to be out front with feeder prices as in Ogallala, NE had near 425 head of top quality steer calves weighing between 500-550 lbs. with a weighted average price of 201.71.

With feeder cattle prices at their highest point we are still seeing feedlots working to procure their needs as supplies last.

The big push we have seen in the feeder cattle market has to make one think and hope we are not outdistancing the fat cattle market.

The CME feeder cattle index on Wednesday was quoted at 150.20 which a year ago was at 127.35.

Late on Thursday evening fat cattle trade developed on aggressive packer buying as live prices in Southern Plains traded 3.00 higher at 126.00.

In Nebraska live sales were 1.00-2.00 higher at 125.00-126.00 and dressed sales 4.00 higher at 202.00 with a few sales up to 7.00 higher at 205.00.

This despite little signs of improving margins for packers as boxed beef has been unable to follow along with the higher prices for live cattle as choice boxed beef closed at 182.00 which closed .46 cents higher Friday afternoon.

The Cattle on Feed Report came out Friday afternoon and was pretty much as predicted for all three categories as On Feed for January 01 was 103%, Placed in December was 94% and Marketing’s for December came in at 98%.

This week’s reported auction volume was 48% over 600 lbs. and 42% heifers.

Auction Receipts:  298,500   Last Week:  371,400   Last Year:  339,200

Buckhannon Stockyards, Buckhannon, WV
Weighted Average Report for Wednesday January 18, 2012

Cattle Receipts:  28

Slaughter cows made up 29% of the offering, slaughter bulls 4%,
replacement cows 4%, and feeders 64%.

The feeder supply included 56% steers, and 44% heifers.

Feeder Steers                Medium and Large 1
 Head   Wt Range   Avg Wt    Price Range   Avg Price
    9    526-526    526       152.00         152.00
                             Medium and Large 2
    1    455-455    455       112.50         112.50

Feeder Heifers                Medium and Large 1
 Head   Wt Range   Avg Wt    Price Range   Avg Price
    2    252-252    252       137.50         137.50
    1    252-252    252       125.00         125.00   RWF
    3    462-480    468    136.00-145.00     139.08
    2    515-525    520    110.00-132.00     121.11

Bred Cows                  Medium and Large 1 - 2 Young
 Head   Wt Range   Avg Wt    Price Range   Avg Price
    1    930-930    930       750.00         750.00   Per Head  7-9 Months Bred

Slaughter Cows                Breaker 70-80% Lean
 Head   Wt Range   Avg Wt    Price Range   Avg Price
    1   1580-1580  1580        74.50          74.50
                               Boner 80-85% Lean
    3   1040-1285  1195     64.00-69.00       66.01
    1    985-985    985        73.00          73.00   High Dressing
                                Lean 85-90% Lean
    3    880-1090  1020     53.00-55.00       53.58

Slaughter Bulls                Yield Grade 1-2
 Head   Wt Range   Avg Wt    Price Range   Avg Price
    1   2075-2075  2075        78.00          78.00

Weston Livestock, Weston, WV
Weighted Average Report for Saturday January 14, 2012

Cattle Receipts:  31

Slaughter cows made up 65% of the offering, slaughter bulls 6%,
replacement cows 6%, and feeders 23%.

The feeder supply included 29% steers, 29% heifers, and 43% bulls.

Near 43% of the run weighed over 600 lbs.

Feeder Steers                Medium and Large 1
 Head   Wt Range   Avg Wt    Price Range   Avg Price
    1    730-730    730       108.00         108.00
                             Medium and Large 2
    1    640-640    640       117.00         117.00

Feeder Heifers                Medium and Large 1
 Head   Wt Range   Avg Wt    Price Range   Avg Price
    1    440-440    440       125.00         125.00
    1    550-550    550       135.00         135.00

Feeder Bulls                Medium and Large 1
 Head   Wt Range   Avg Wt    Price Range   Avg Price
    1    395-395    395       150.00         150.00
    1    440-440    440       145.00         145.00
    1    700-700    700       118.00         118.00

Bred Cows                  Medium and Large 1 - 2 Young
 Head   Wt Range   Avg Wt    Price Range   Avg Price
    1    975-975    975       735.00         735.00   Per Head  4-6 Months Bred
    1    860-860    860       610.00         610.00   Per Head  7-9 Months Bred

Slaughter Cows                Breaker 70-80% Lean
 Head   Wt Range   Avg Wt    Price Range   Avg Price
    1   1300-1300  1300        85.50          85.50   High Dressing
                               Boner 80-85% Lean
   11    980-1365  1120     63.50-70.00       64.74
    3   1015-1165  1065     75.00-76.50       75.55   High Dressing
    1   1040-1040  1040        61.00          61.00   Low Dressing
    1   1600-1600  1600        66.00          66.00
    1   1410-1410  1410        76.50          76.50   High Dressing
                                Lean 85-90% Lean
    2    910-1035   973     50.00-52.00       51.06   Low Dressing

Slaughter Bulls                Yield Grade 1-2
 Head   Wt Range   Avg Wt    Price Range   Avg Price
    1   1070-1070  1070        70.00          70.00   Low Dressing
    1   1805-1805  1805        90.00          90.00

Baby Calves Returned to Farm, # head 2

 Newborn to 4 wks            135.00-180.00

Feeder Pigs, # head 12       23.00-24.00

Slaughter and Feeder Lambs

  Feeders,  # head 4
   S&M 1-2          75-90 lb  140.00
                    60-75     167.50

Jackson County Regional Livestock Market, Ripley, WV
Weighted Average Report for Saturday January 14, 2012

Cattle Receipts:  65

Slaughter cows made up 29% of the offering,
slaughter bulls 2%, and feeders 69%.

The feeder supply included 44% steers, 38% heifers, and 18% bulls.

Near 18% of the run weighed over 600 lbs.

Feeder Steers                Medium and Large 1
 Head   Wt Range   Avg Wt    Price Range   Avg Price
    1    290-290    290       142.50         142.50   Red
    2    317-317    317       200.00         200.00
    1    375-375    375       167.50         167.50   Red
    3    543-543    543       155.00         155.00
    1    570-570    570       140.00         140.00
    2    600-600    600       146.00         146.00
                             Medium and Large 2
    1    450-450    450       120.00         120.00   Red
                             Holstein Medium and Large   

    7    498-498    498        86.00          86.00
    2    510-510    510        75.00          75.00

Feeder Heifers                Medium and Large 1
 Head   Wt Range   Avg Wt    Price Range   Avg Price
    1    390-390    390       135.00         135.00
    3    412-445    423    125.00-129.00     127.60
    4    465-496    488    117.00-135.00     121.29
    1    995-995    995        88.00          88.00
    1   1110-1110  1110        79.00          79.00
                             Small 1
    1    730-730    730        75.00          75.00
                             Medium and Large 2
    1    265-265    265       120.00         120.00
    3    450-475    467     90.00-100.00      93.21
    1    500-500    500       102.00         102.00
    1    520-520    520       100.00         100.00   Red

Feeder Bulls                Medium and Large 1
 Head   Wt Range   Avg Wt    Price Range   Avg Price
    2    362-362    362       185.00         185.00
    1    455-455    455       145.00         145.00
    1    510-510    510       155.00         155.00
    1    500-500    500       106.00         106.00   RWF
    3    900-925    917     82.00-94.00       90.07

Slaughter Cows                Breaker 70-80% Lean
 Head   Wt Range   Avg Wt    Price Range   Avg Price
    2   1645-1775  1710     74.00-82.00       77.85   High Dressing
                               Boner 80-85% Lean
    8   1045-1370  1152     60.00-68.00       64.49
    2    995-1070  1033     72.00-74.00       73.04   High Dressing
    4    920-1125  1026     54.50-60.00       57.42   Low Dressing
    1   1410-1410  1410        56.50          56.50   Low Dressing
                                Lean 85-90% Lean
    2    820-1065   943     50.00-53.00       51.31   Low Dressing

Slaughter Bulls                Yield Grade 1-2
 Head   Wt Range   Avg Wt    Price Range   Avg Price
    1   1320-1320  1320        77.00          77.00

No Cow Calf Pairs

Baby Calves
    4   60.00-125.00

Fat Cattle
   10   80.00-122.50

    7   178.00-206.00

Bon Appétit: Raspberry Oatmeal Bars



  1/2 cup packed light brown sugar
  1 cup all-purpose flour
  1/4 teaspoon baking soda
  1/8 teaspoon salt
  1 cup rolled oats
  1/2 cup butter, softened
  3/4 cup seedless raspberry jam


Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C).

Grease one 8 inch square pan, and line with greased foil.

Combine brown sugar, flour, baking soda, salt, and rolled oats.

Rub in the butter using your hands or a pastry blender to form a crumbly mixture.

Press 2 cups of the mixture into the bottom of the prepared pan.

Spread the jam to within 1/4 inch of the edge.

Sprinkle the remaining crumb mixture over the top, and lightly press it into the jam.

Bake for 35 to 40 minutes in preheated oven, or until lightly browned.

Allow to cool before cutting into bars.

Daily G-Eye™: 01.22.12


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Send your photo(s) to “”

Stargazing - 01.22.12


When you look north on any night of the year you can see stars and constellations that never rise or set.

The best known star is the North Star, Polaris.

The list also includes the stars of the Big Dipper, Little Dipper, and Cassiopeia.

IC 342

When you look north on any night of the year, you can see stars and constellations that never rise or set — they’re in view every night. The best known is the North Star, Polaris. But for most of us here in the United States, the Big Dipper, Little Dipper, and Cassiopeia are up every night, too.

But one of these ever-present constellations is so faint that you might not have even heard of it, let alone seen it: Camelopardalis, the giraffe.

This inconspicuous constellation probably would be better known if it weren’t for the interference of our own galaxy. Dust in the Milky Way blocks the light of a galaxy that’s within the giraffe’s borders — a beautiful giant spiral that’s the match of both the Milky Way and the Andromeda galaxy, M31.

This nearby galaxy is known as IC 342. It’s just 11 million light-years away, making it one of our closest large galactic neighbors.

Despite its dull name, IC 342 is a stunning face-on spiral that looks like a celestial pinwheel, speckled with brilliant young stars and the glowing stellar nurseries that spawn them. Unfortunately, though, it’s close to the plane of our own galaxy, so dust in the Milky Way absorbs most of the galaxy’s light, making it difficult to see.

If the dust weren’t present, IC 342 would be one of the brightest and best-known of all galaxies, its beautiful spiral gracing book covers and web pages. And it would probably have a more evocative name than IC 342.





A Favorite Hymn.
John Newton was brought up by a godly mother who passed away when he was seven.  Raised then by a step-mother who wasn’t so kind, he later drifted into a sinful life.  He became captain of a slave-trading ship, but one night during a terrible storm, during which he feared for his life, “after many dangers, toils, and snares,”  he had a change of heart,  and began his journey back to God.  He went on to become one of England’s great preachers, a strong opponent of slavery, and the author of many hymns, his most popular being “Amazing Grace.”  What is so amazing about grace?

Destroying A Masterpiece.
Just suppose, after months of painstaking effort, as Leonardo daVinci applied the last finishing touches to “The Last Supper”, somebody came along with a knife and slashed the painting to ribbons.  How would daVinci feel?  Suppose that when Michelangelo completed the statue of David,  somebody came along with a sledge and smashed it to bits.  How would Michelangelo feel?

Destroying God’s Masterpiece.
God created the world a beautiful place in which for man to live.  Man was the crowning touch of His creation.  After the creation of man,  “God saw every thing that he had made,  and,  behold,  it was very good.”  (Gen. 1:31) .  But then sin comes along and mars and destroys the beauty of God’s creation.  How do you suppose God feels about that?

The Horrible Nature.
It’s hard for us to imagine the horrible nature of sin, because we are involved in it.  God brings new life into the world, so sweet, so pure,  so innocent.  Who has not looked into the face of a newborn baby without amazement and wonder?  Now look into the face of an alcoholic, a drug addict, a porn addict, a rapist, a serial killer, etc.  Can you believe that was once a sweet, innocent child?  That’s what sin does to the pure, beautiful lives God brings into the world.  How do you suppose He feels about that?

Freedom Of Choice. Since all have sinned and come short of the glory of God (Rom. 3:23) , we are the ones wielding the knife and swinging the sledge.  We are the ones destroying the crowning beauty of God’s creation.  It’s true, of course, that we are tempted,  nagged, and harassed by the devil to slash the canvass… smash the image,  but we are creatures of choice.  We don’t have to do it.  It’s our stubbornness,  our rebellion that destroys the innocence…..the purity of the life God gave us.

Life Extended.
The wages of sin is death (Rom. 6:23),  but God doesn’t want us to die.  He still loves us…..enough that He was willing to give His Son to die in our stead,  that we might live with Him eternally in a better world than this, even better than the Garden of Eden.  That’s   Grace!  THAT’S AMAZING!

Steer Creek Church of Christ,  3466 Rosedale Road,  Stumptown WV 25267
Minister: Gene H Miller, 3281 Rosedale Road, Shock WV 26638-8410.
Phone:  304.462.0384     E-Mail:  “”  Web Site:

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